Don’t look now! But there are property laws a lurking…

I know what some of you are saying did someone drop that lawyer on her head, talk about paranoid!

Now before you all right me off as a crazy person, hear me out.

Do you own or are you buying a house or apartment as part of your self managed super fund?

Or like many Aussies do you rent a townhouse/unit as an investment for cash flow or passive income?

Perhaps you’re a retiree in a lifestyle community, mobile home park or an elder care facility.

Now if any of these situations sound like yours, then my dear you are up to your armpits in property law.

Now that’s not a bad thing. In fact it can be a wonderful, warm, fuzzy thing.

As long as you know what the relevant property laws are. And this my friends is where it can get a little bit overwhelming.

There are still quite a few laws about. Even if we limit ourselves to the property laws (which I might add is almost impossible to do), there’s still a bit to get your head around.

So please be sure that when you find yourself up to your armpits in a situation that involves property law, be sure to get great legal advice.

Published by Michelle Kleinig

Professional property lawyer offering expert legal counsel and representation. Skilled in fostering positive and trusting client relationships, with an established knowledge of property law developed over 18 years. Providing complex in-house counsel and law firm advice to a broad range of SMEs, local, state and federal government as well as national and multinational clients.